In nature, water cascading down a mountain will always follow the path of least resistance- the easiest route. In thinking, too, our minds tend to take the path of least resistance- those avenues that are familiar to us. In doing so, it is difficult to arrive at new ideas.

Therefore, when we want to come up with really new and innovative ideas, it makes sense to take the counter-intuitive path – the path of most resistance. This is the path our minds are much less accustomed to using. All SIT tools are designed to lead thinkers through their PoMR.



References & Further Readings About Path of Most Resistance (PoMR)

  1. SIT Methodology - "Path of Most Resistance" (by Idit Biton, SIT CMO)

    A sneak peak of SIT CMO Idit Biton facilitating the "Path of Most Resistance"- one of the main principles of the SIT methodology.

  2. Path of Most Resistance - Wikipedia

    Description not found!

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